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Retro Ramblings started as several other short lived blogs where I would chronicle some thoughts of days gone by.  My time was scarce and I couldn’t keep up with them the way I wanted to.  Then I decided to give it a solid go, and created Retro Ramblings as a place to store articles that I had written for other nostalgia sites like Retro-Daze and Retrojunk.  What I found was that the more I wrote, the better I felt.  It’s therapy of some kind I guess for me.  It helps me to unwind and de-stress.

So now what you see here is Retro Ramblings!  A place to remember old toys, movies, games, cartoons, TV shows, fashion, events, people, music, food, and a whole host of other topics.  I’m glad you’ve taken the time to stop by, and I hope you visit often.

How To Get in Touch:

The Retro Rambler aka Mick Yarber
Admin / Writer / Editor / Marketer
Email:  yesterdayville@gmail.com
Twitter:  @yesterdayville
Facebook:  facebook.com/retroramblings

If you are looking for someone to write any retro or nostalgic content for your site or blog, a guest writer, a collaborator, a podcast guest, a book reviewer, or just about anything else, I’m open to the idea.  Just drop me a line and let’s talk about it!


Some Stuff Here on Retro Ramblings:

Scans:  I absolutely love thumbing through old magazines, comic books, catalogs, and a host of similar stuff, and I come across so much cool old stuff that I’ve just gotta share some of it with the world.  Some of this stuff hasn’t seen the light of day in years, so I love getting it back out there for folks to enjoy for the first time.  I scan and share all kinds of things like pages and products from old catalogs, old advertisements, stuff from TV Guide, old articles from magazines that are interesting, and whatever else I see that I think folks will enjoy.

Retro on the Web:  In my never ending quest to find and read more good articles on cool old stuff, I stumble across quiet a bit of stuff on the web each week.  The best of what I find, I link to in a weekly post called the Weekly Wrap Up.  It’s a chance to share good content with other folks, and to throw some shine on the fine folks who put it together.  Maybe I shouldn’t call it the “Weekly” Wrap Up, as I sometimes skip a week here and there for no good reason other than I’m busy, or I forget.  But I promise, from time to time, there will be posts up called the Weekly Wrap Up.

Retro Round Table:  Every so often, I invite some fellow retro bloggers and writers to discuss a single theme.  Everyone gives their opinion or pick, and compile all of that into a single post so you can have multiple takes on the same subject.  It is a really fun experience, and a great shot of nostalgia.


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We do sometimes run ads and incorporate affiliate links on our site, and in our posts.  The sole purpose for this is to help defray part of the cost of keeping the site active, and to help offset the cost of prizes we give away from time to time.  It is my goal to never clog the site with too many advertisements.

The only time we would ever ask you for info is in the even we are running a contest that may require an email address to enter.  Even in that scenario, we never sell your information, or betray your trust in how that information is used.  It will always be clearly stated as to why we are asking for that information.