7 Retro Thanksgiving Advertisements

If you’ve been a reader of mine for any length of time, you already know that I love vintage advertising, and love to share it with the rest of the world.  Those ads that are long forgotten, and maybe haven’t seen the light of day for many years.  Sometimes, I bust out ads for products that haven’t even been available in many years, and some feature stuff you can still get today, albeit in a slightly different form.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, here are seven vintage ads that were created to push products for the holiday.

Miracle Baste Turkey

First up, we’ve got this ad for Maple Leaf’s Miracle Baste frozen turkey.  Now I don’t recall of ever hearing of Miracle Baste, because in my lifetime, Butterball has been the gold standard of frozen turkeys.  In addition, we’ve got Captain Obvious telling us that “Butter makes it taste better”.  Well no shit.  I can’t think of a single thing that butter doesn’t make better, but good on them I guess for capitalizing on people’s love of butter.  I’m not sure exactly when this ad is from, but judging by the fashion and hair style choice of the “model” in this ad, I’d place it in the late 70’s.

Del Monte Corn

Del Monte canned corn (or some other brand) has been a staple in everyone’s household their whole loves I’d be willing to bet.  And I’m sure that vegetables of all sorts are spread on the table for the Thanksgiving feast, so why not run an ad like this to put the Del Monte brand in the forefront of the shopper’s minds.  Long gone are the days of raising your own food and preserving it and busting it out for Thanksgiving.  Canned goods like these ushered in the quick heat variety of vegetables, and there’s no going back now.

McCormick’s variety of spices compliment so many different traditional Thanksgiving dishes.  From the Poultry seasoning for the turkey, to the various spices that make the pumpkin pie so delicious, McCormick has a spice for every dish you want on your Thanksgiving table.

Holy crap!  Does this look horrible or what?!?  Hellman’s Mayonnaise came up with recipe to promote sales of it’s product, but good Lord couldn’t they come up with a better idea than combing mayo with cranberry sauce?  In what world would some executive think this was a good idea?  Can anyone out there reading this testify to ever having this?

Now while I enjoy a slice of fried Spam on a rare occasion, I just can’t see making it the center of my Thanksgiving meal.  And I really can’t see trying to pass it off as a turkey substitute, complete with stuffing rolled up inside of it.  Spam always tried to be creative with uses for it’s product, but this may be pushing it.

If you’re into weird food at your Thanksgiving table, you may want to check out MeTV’s article on 14 Vintage Thanksgiving Foods We’re Thankful to Never Eat Again.

Banquet rolled out their frozen “TV Dinners” in the 60’s, and their Turkey dinner was patriarch of the line.  While not a bad idea to go after the “single” or “alone at Thanksgiving” market, I just can’t imagine sitting down to a previously frozen Thanksgiving dinner.  That is not a knock on the dinner itself, as I find it to be tasty the rest of the year.  It’s just not what I’m looking for on Thanksgiving.

And here we are at the seventh and final ad for today.  The Kodak camera.  Have you ever thought about the Kodak camera’s place in our love for nostalgia?  Without it, a lot of those old memories wouldn’t have the visual reminder of those things and times we loved so much.  I salute you Kodak for your fine product, and your contribution to keeping memories alive.