Weekend Edition for 04/02/23

I hope you don’t get too upset at the fact that there are no actual links in this post like usual. Heck, there isn’t really much of anything here in this post. It’s pretty much a placeholder that I needed to put together to direct your attention to the Retro Ramblings newsletter, which is the only way to see my usual list of curated retro and nostalgia-themed links.

The newest issue has dropped by the time this post goes live, and it features all of those great links you enjoy, so head on over to the newsletter page. You can actually see the post there without subscribing to the newsletter itself, but I want to urge you to subscribe. It’s free, and everything I post there will automatically be delivered straight to your inbox. And I can’t spill all of the beans just yet, but I can’t stress how much I want you to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my retro content now and in the future. More details on why exactly will come later. But one more time, let me stress that if you enjoy Retro Ramblings, I really think you should subscribe to the newsletter. You can do that by clicking below. Hope to see you subscribe soon.

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