Show & Tell: Forgotten Snacks

It’s time to announce the next assignment for the Show & Tell Event. If you don’t know what Show & Tell is, get the full details on the official Show & Tell page here on Retro Ramblings.

But let’s talk about this week’s theme. This Show & Tell event theme was picked by Brandon at Middle-Aged Fat Kids, and is going to be: 

Forgotten Snacks

Some ideas you could use for this theme:

  • A past favorite food or drink that is discontinued
  • some kind of rarely-seen snack or junk food
  • a regional snack you enjoy
  • maybe write about a made-up food that looked good in a movie
  • write about a special treat your mom used to make

There are plenty of ways to incorporate this week’s topic into a post. Just remember, when your post goes live, come back to this post and leave a link to it in the comments so everyone else playing along can link to your story. And be sure to re-visit to get links from everyone else to add to your post as well. Now, go forth and create!

Playing along this week…


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