Show & Tell Assignment: Board Games

It’s time to announce the first assignment of the Show & Tell Blogging Event. If you don’t know what Show & Tell is, I’ll give you a quick glimpse.

Show & Tell is a cooperative blogging endeavor that unites multiple bloggers and their readers via a common theme. For each Show & Tell event, each participating blogger will post about the given theme, and link to other bloggers taking part in the event as part of their post. This way, readers of each blog can easily discover other creators’ work that they may enjoy, and the blogger gets a boost in traffic and exposure to new audiences.

If you want the full details on how you can participate on your own site, check out the full Show & Tell page here. It has all of the info you need.

But let’s talk about this week’s theme. The first Show & Tell event theme is going to be: BOARD GAMES.

There are a lot of ideas for how to approach this them:

  • maybe you want to talk about a favorite game from childhood
  • maybe you have a modern game that you love
  • maybe you want to review a board game
  • you could do a list of your favorite board games
  • maybe you want to fill the world in about some obscure board game
  • maybe you want to share with everyone some board game hacks
  • there may be some old board game advertisements you want to talk about

There are plenty of other ways to incorporate this week’s topic into a post. Just remember, when your post goes live, come back to this post and leave a link to it in the comments so everyone else playing along can link to your story. And be sure to re-visit to get links from everyone else to add to your post as well. Now, go forth and create!

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