With a Little Help From My Friends

I really miss the golden age of the retro blogging universe. The days when you could open up Google Reader (RIP) and find new retro content every day. Those days have been gone for a while, but there are still several entertaining retro and geek bloggers out there carrying the fire. I still visit all of them several times a week to see what’s new in their world and usually find new offerings to devour. I wanted to take time to highlight some of these folks and promote them a little. S with that in mind, here’s what some of those folks have been up to recently. Please take the time to visit some of these guys and gals, as they’re always entertaining and work hard to provide content for all of us to enjoy.

5 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. Thank you for this post. One of the things I’m most nostalgic for is the internet of the late 90s, early 2000s. Blogs, AOL, AIM, personal websites. Before modals and cookie prompts and every site being homogenized bland corporate garbage.

    1. Me too. When trying to describe to my daughters what the internet was like back then, I refer to it as the wild west days of the internet. I certainly miss those days myself, so I try to keep this site grounded in that type of era as far as presentation goes.

        1. Thanks man. I’m glad you find Retro Ramblings to be a safe haven. One thing I’m always conscious about is avoiding the negative. Whether it be trashing various geek things or the people who enjoy them, or just negativity in general. I also stay completely away from politics. These days, you can’t help but upset at least one person with your views. I’ve always tried to maintain Retro Ramblings as a place everyone can visit to get away from their troubles and the daily grind, and just relive good old memories.

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