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A Pizza Hut Question

There are a lot of people out there that think of me when the subject of old-school Pizza Hut comes up. I get tagged in Twitter posts pretty frequently when news items drop, or someone shares memories of the Pizza Hut of old. Sometimes, I even get emails about The Hut. Here’s one with a question that I can’t accurately answer:

I remember many years ago (’70s) my dad always had a salad with our pizza. It was small to medium in size and had rolled up meat and cheese on it. What kind of meat and cheese was on it? My dad always had the sweet Catalina French dressing on it. I’d really like to make this for my dad for nostalgic reasons but can’t remember the meat rolls. Can you help?

The days of Pizza Hut in the ’70s are before my time unfortunately so I can’t answer this question with any degree of certainty. But knowing that they offered the ham and cheese sub sandwiches then, I would think that maybe ham rolled up with provolone or mozzarella would be a safe bet. There’s also the possibility of pepperoni being used, and maybe even salami if the Italian sub was on the menu at the time.

Since I can’t answer this question with any kind of authority, I thought I would try and turn it over to you, the readers, for help. If any of you reading this know what the meat and cheese roll-ups consisted of on Pizza Hut salads in the ’70s, please share with the rest of us in the comments, and I’ll be sure and email the kind person back who asked the question.

And if you’re wondering why I get associated with Pizza Hut so much, it’s probably because of something I wrote a couple of years ago about The Glory Days of Pizza Hut.

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