A-Team Trading Cards
Wax Pack Flashback

The A-Team Trading Cards (1983)

Here’s another Wax Pack Flashback video for you, this time featuring The A-Team trading cards from 1983. Watch along as I open this pack and see what treasures have been hidden inside for almost 40 years!

Special Feature

Action Figure Appreciation 2

It’s been a while since the first Action Figure Appreciation post, so let’s shine a light on a few more fine specimens from the vast world of figures. Jitsu, from Masters of the Universe (1984) Oh, how I wish I still had all of my original MOTU figures. One of …..CONTINUE READING

HBO Guide
Time Capsule

HBO Guide From 1985

In this TIme Capsule, we’re going to 1985 and the early days of cable. Back when HBO was the channel we all wanted, but not all of us had. CHeck out the full guide to HBO programming from August 1985, and see what shows and movies you would have been …..CONTINUE READING