Masters of the Universe Ad from 1982

(See the ad in full-size beauty at the bottom of the post)

Holy hell…is this a thing of beauty or what? I love old MOTU art for all the little details that changed here and there as the line came of age. For example, you rarely see Man-at-Arms on Battle Cat as you do in this ad, and check out Mer-Man in the Wind Raider.

I would have loved to have been there at the dawn of the brand. Well, I was, but I was 4 or 5 years old. I wish I could have been older when it launched so I could more fully appreciate all the intricacies of the whole story. Like the original mini-comics…they had little details that eventually got phased out of the official canon.

But that won’t take away from how cool this ad is. It’s no wonder the line went on to be so huge with ads like this leading the way in the early days.

If you want to take a look at the line in the latter days of its zenith, check out the Masters of the Universe Catalog from 1986. It’ll really take you back.

3 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Ad from 1982

  1. I remember as a kid just thinking that a lot of this other stuff just got it “wrong,” without realizing the notion of different, valid continuities and the like.

    Now I embrace it all. XD

  2. I totally remember this ad, and had the same observations you had as well. In the early stuff there was a story thread about how He-man and Skeletor each had half of the power sword ( also reflected in the toy line) but it was never a thing in the filmation series. There was also a Superman /MOTU crossover comic ( which I considered canon), and the glaring difference that stuck out to me was that Prince Adam was portrayed as an aloof playboy rather than a timid prince.

    1. The power sword storyline was one that I also gravitated towards, and it irked me too that it wasn’t a thing in the cartoon series. The other big one was that Teela originally had something to do with the Snake Men. In the very early mini-comics she was green-skinned, with slight scales. The headdress that she sported throughout the res of continuity played into that wince it was a big snake head, but the details of it were dropped. I love digging into the original lore of the concept.

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