Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain

Recently in the Watch & Listen category, I shared the episode of the TRN Drive-In Podcast focusing on the movie Ernest Goes to Camp. While listening to the episode myself, I heard either Adam or Wyatt mention a TV special called Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain.

Somehow, this Ernest offering had eluded me throughout my life, as I had never even heard of it before listening to the podcast. So I had to do a little research on this lost gem and see what it was all about. As it turns out, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain was a special created by, and aired on The Disney Channel on July 7, 1989, as a way to promote their newest Disneyland attraction. It would later air in syndication beginning in August.

In the special, Ernest trains as America’s first “Splashtranaut” destined to become the very first person to conquer the mountain. Ralph Story, a veteran news anchor, and his team are determined to cover the momentous event from every angle possible.

I looked it up on YouTube, and it exists in its entirety, so I am presenting it here to you in case you’re like me and have never seen it before. Enjoy.

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