Waffle Crisp

Waffle Crisp Cereal is Back

Press release from Post Consumer Brands:

We heard you… Waffle Crisp cereal is back! This nostalgic fan-favorite breakfast cereal is returning to shelves this summer in a refreshed boxed packaging.

It is now offered in 11.5-ounce and 20-ounce boxes with the same great taste and waffle shape you remember! We hope you love the return of this cereal that was first launched in 1996 with the purpose of bringing the flavor and crunch of syrup and waffles to your breakfast bowl.

As a sign of our cereal fans’ continued patience, we randomly selected 10 cereal fans from across social media channels to receive a complimentary box of Waffle Crisp cereal ahead of its June release.

Now, go grab a box for yourself to enjoy! Use our cereal locator to find a store near you that has Waffle Crisp on its shelves.

I have to say, I was a fan of Waffle Crisp through the years. It had a spot-on flavor that really did taste like waffles and syrup. On top of the flavor seeming genuine, it held its crispness in a bowl of milk pretty well too. Unfortunately, I have to be more discerning with my diet these days, so one box will probably have to be my limit with this cereal, and only one bowl out of that box will be my limit. But at least I’ll get to taste it once more, and the rest of the family can enjoy it too.

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2 thoughts on “Waffle Crisp Cereal is Back

  1. Sounds a bit too sickly sweet for my taste, I’m afraid.
    Back when I was a nipper in the ’70s, the most exotic cereal would have been CoCo Crispies. And that was it. Everything else was ‘plain.’ Cornflakes; Rice Crispies; Weetabix; Puffed Rice etc.
    Oh! Mind, we did have Sugar Puffs. but they didn”t make us TOO hyper. 😉

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