Beanie Mania Documentary Coming to HBO Max to Detail the Collector Craze of the ’90s

From Director Yemisi Brookes, comes a documentary about Beanie Babies, the stuffed toys on everyone’s minds (and shelves) in the late ’90s. ‘Beanie Mania’ is an illuminating and entertaining exploration of Beanie Babies, the stuffed toys created by Ty Warner that inspired a collecting craze in the late 90s. They are the subject of this eye‐opening, nostalgic, and endlessly‐entertaining documentary film. BEANIE MANIA is a layered and riveting look at how a children’s toy spawned an unprecedented investment bubble and a frenzy of American greed. The documentary features illuminating interviews with passionate collectors, notable influencers, and company insiders.

Beanie Mania will debut on HBO Max on Thursday, December 23rd.

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