Pizza Hut Themed Christmas Gifts Are Available

When I first saw an ad letting me know that Pizza Hut now has themed Christmas gifts in their shop that you can order, I knew that we are truly targeted by advertisers based on our viewing habits and what our devices can actually hear us talk about. I mean, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Pizza Hut from way back, and spend more than a fair amount of my time searching out old images and stories about the Hut, and preaching to everyone who will listen that the old days of Pizza Hut was one of the finer dining experiences one could find. Hell, the most popular thing I’ve ever written was about The Glory Days of Pizza Hut.

So I made a visit to their online shop, and here are the things I saw that I dig the most.

These Christmas ornaments come in this set of three pieces, but really, the only one I have an interest in is the one mimicking their old school stained glass lamp shades. Those things in person were so gorgeous and inspires so much nostalgia in me that I would buy about 40 sets of these just to have 40 lamp shades to adorn my entire tree.

The rocks glasses are cool since they look like shorter versions of their iconic red plastic cups that I drank out of for years on those Friday night visits to our local Hut. Although I wish they were offering full-size replicas of those cups instead of these mixed drink versions. There are also wine glass versions available as well.

And finally, there is this Pizza Hut Matchbox playset, with not only a scale-sized Pizza Hut but also a delivery vehicle. This may be the coolest crossover promotion I’ve seen them do. After seeing it, I actually went and started searching for other Matchbox playsets, hoping to find enough to build a whole town with the Pizza Hut being placed right in the center of it all. One of the problems with this idea though is that I would want all of the playsets to have a retro ’80s look to them, but none of them do.

So if anyone out there is looking for a Christmas gift to send me, any of these items would do.

One thought on “Pizza Hut Themed Christmas Gifts Are Available

  1. Oh my god. Everything else is cool, especially the lampshade ornaments, but then I saw the Matchbox set… o_o

    I wonder if there’s any way I can get that here.

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