The Weekend Edition for 11/21/21

Here is this week’s curated collection of nostalgia-themed news, articles, and posts for you to enjoy. They’re all Thanksgiving related this week, so I hope you’re not already burned out on the holiday before it even gets here. But either way, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday this week.

Why Do the Lions and Cowboys Always Play on Thanksgiving? (Mental Floss)

Recreating Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Feast (Dinosaur Dracula)

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: 47 Differences Between the Film and the Script (The Retro Network)

Black Friday Origins: The Transformers and Gobots Craze of 1984 (Rediscover the ’80s)

8 Forgotten Animated Thanksgiving Specials of the 1980’s (MeTV)

5 Awesome Things on eBay This Week (Plaid Stallions)

If you like this type of curated list of links, you should also check out William Bruce West’s Pop Culture in Review column over at his site West Week Ever each week. It’s a good look at the week in pop culture with plenty of retro-themed topics thrown in. Give this week’s column a look for some commentary on Ecto Cooler, Blockbuster, Sesame Street, and more.

Video of the Week

When a lot of people think of Thanksgiving, they think of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’ve been out of watching the current parade for a lot of years now, but I still like going back and watching the olds ones. With that in mind, let’s go 30 years back in time and relive the 1991 parade. Enjoy!

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