Month: March 2021

Time Machine Podcast: February 1983 TV Guide

Jason and Mickey travel in TRN Time Machine back to 1983 and and thumb through the Feb 12-18, 1983 Issue of TV Guide! We’ve got scans below for you to follow along. We take a look at several ads, a news headline, episode promos, and a grid from Wednesday night primetime. This television time capsule really highlights the new shows, TV movies, reruns, and events of early 1983.

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Five Classic Cereal Commercials

This is kind of a combined post. A combination of a classic commercials post mixed with a forgotten foods post. It’s two great tastes that taste great together! Let’s watch some old cereal commercials and let our mouths water and our memory glands tingle.

Honey Nut Cheerios starring Hulk Hogan (1985)

My earliest memories of eating cereal center around eating Cheerios. I guess my Mom wanted me to eat a healthier cereal like that instead of the really sugary kinds. That was until I saw this commercial. Being the huge wrestling fan that I was, I wouldn’t hear anything but switching my Cheerios to Honey Nut Cheerios because Hulk Hogan liked them. It wasn’t long until the switch was made, and then once the sugary cereal barrier was broken, there was no turning back.

Mr. T Cereal (1980 something)

Of course I was on the A-Team bandwagon from the beginning, and yes, B.A.Baracus was my favorite character. Then the Mister T cartoon hit, and I was all in on that too. So when Mr. T cereal dropped, I was down. I can’t even remember what it tasted like, but the commercial mentions brown sugar, so it was a sweetie. And since I had already popped my sweet cereal cherry, this was a logical step. But the song in this commercial. I ain’t gonna lie, that’s just a bad jingle. But with the excitement and the urgency in the vocalists voice, you knew you just had to get to the store and get a box of this.


Time Machine Podcast: 1985 MTV Video Music Awards

Jason welcomes special guest Tim to travel in this week’s TRN Time Machine back to 1985 and relive the 1985 MTV Video Music Awards show. As in our previous episode covering the 1996 VMAs, we’ll review the musical performances and decide which were our favorites. We’ll also cover the awards in order of presentation with Jason giving Tim the nominees and Tim guessing who actually won the Moonman trophy.

Weekend Edition 3.19.21

Here’s this week’s collection of nostalgia-themed articles and stories from around the web for you to relax with this weekend. Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, put your feet up, and enjoy these trips down memory lane.

In the News…

Taco Bell is Bringing Back Fiesta Potatoes
But not the damn Mexican Pizza…

Tubi Has Added New Retro Content
I’ll be binging Buck Rogers for sure, and probably be giving Problem Child another watch.

Branded in the ’80s is…done.
It saddens me to share that for selfish reasons, as I’ve always been a big fan of Shawn and his site. But at the same time, I’m happy for him making the choices that make him happy.

Leisure Reading

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Photographs of Cheap Motels in 1970’s America (via Flashbak)

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Tony Shiavone Reveals the Behind-the-Scenes History of the Crockett Cup Trophy (via Mid-Atlantic Gateway)

10 Interesting Facts About Bill & Ted (via 20 Years Before 2000)

Old Comic Book Ads

Let’s take a look back at some old comic book ads. Sadly, all the previous editions I had done were lost with the rest of all my old posts when the site crashed last year. So let’s pretend those old posts never existed and let’s start anew, shall we?

Old comic books and the ads found within are like mini time capsules. You can pick up some random old issue and see ads for things you haven’t thought about in years. And sometimes you’ll come across one that hits you right in the face like a nostalgic baseball bat. At least that’s how these ads were for me. Let’s take a look at them.

Superman Peanut Butter (1984)

Peanut butter is a staple in most American homes.  You can find it cabinets, in lunch boxes, and in lunch pails all across this great country.  It’s patriotic….right behind apple pie. And you know what else is patriotic? Superman by gosh!  You slap Superman’s name and image on a jar of peanut butter, you have the ultimate weapon against communism. 

At least that’s what a lot of us kids growing up in the ’80s in the rural area I lived in thought anyway.  We’d spend a lot of our time at recess after lunch playing Superman vs The Russians on the school playground.  No joke. We had our bellies full of Superman peanut butter and were battling the red menace to keep our playgrounds safe…just like in Red Dawn.  It was serious business. I even started a super-secret spy club in school to help combat the threat that we were exposed to on the news every night.  But I digress. 

Anyway, I’m not sure Superman peanut butter tasted any better than Skippy, Peter Pan, or Jif.  Actually, from what I’ve read online, Superman may have even been a cheaper variety than those others listed.  No matter the cost, that brand of peanut butter…it’s glass jar, and Superman on the label is what I still identify as the epitome of peanut butter from my childhood. 

As a sidebar, I can explicitly remember one distinct point of time when I was eating Superman peanut butter.  It was January 28, 1986. We were out of school that day due to snow. I was sitting in the floor of our basement where I usually played, with a Superman peanut butter sandwich in front of me as I watched the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger.  It was one of those moments where you always remember where you were and what you were doing….and I had Superman peanut butter to make me feel a little better as I watched those events unfold. 

Skeleton Warriors Trading Cards (1995)

The card images in this ad just don’t do them justice. When you have them in your hand, these cards are gorgeous. But of course, every card I ever held that was produced by Fleer Ultra was top notch.

I never watched the Skeleton Warriors cartoon. I guess because it came along in the mid-’90s when I had other things on my mind. Like girls. I should have had my priorities straight. Unfortunately I also missed out on these cards back in the day, but I corrected that situation a few months ago and picked some up on eBay. You can watch me open some of them in this video I did.


Time Machine Podcast: Random Green Things!

It’s the latest episode of The Retro Network Time Machine podcast! Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, Jason and I tackle the subject of our favorite green things. You can see the official podcast notes below, and then the link to listen to the show is at the bottom. But better yet, you can subscribe to the show and listen to it in your favorite podcast app. Just search for The Retro Network or Time Machine and you’ll find it.

Jason and Mickey time jump in this week’s TRN Time Machine by coming up with some Random Green Things in pop culture to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They’ll be talking about some of their favorite old toys, games, food, television, and much more so join us for a variety of topics in this week’s green-filled trip to the past!

Also, join us for After Hours on Patreon every Tuesday night! This week, Jason and Mickey continue the conversation with some Bad Green Things and a list of Fast Food Disasters over the years. Plus, Jason reports on Chicken McGriddles with syrup and Skype interruptions cause an expletive-filled rant for both hosts.

Listen to our Random Green Things episode below and join us later tonight on Patreon for After Hours…

The History of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

This isn’t a long written piece about my unending love of the Shamrock Shake. No, it’s just a post to highlight a video I helped produce highlighting the history of the green shake of goodness. I researched and wrote the narration for it as a special project we did last year at The Retro Network. But I thought you may be interested in it if you missed it last year, so here ya go.