Evil Horde Slime Pit Playset (1985)

The Masters of the Universe was one of the great loves of my cartoon and toy life when I was young. I had a fairly large collection of Masters, as well as Skeletor minions. I also had some of the vehicles, and I had Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain. But just when I thought the battle for Eternia would finally be won by one side or the other, along came Hordak and his Evil Horde to make it a three-way battle!

The Horde had some cool figures, but its playsets were where their real strength was. The Fright Zone was pretty good as a small base of operations, but the Slime Pit was evil at it’s best…in playset form anyway. This commercial did such a great job at making this thing look so darn evil, yet awesome at the same time. After seeing it at the time, I knew I just had to have it.

Slime of any kind was the hot property back then, so MOTU incorporating it into its line was a no-brainer. But how they incorporated it was genius and fit the story so well. Hordak would seize his victims and had them transported to the Slime Pit where he would drown them in his slime and turn them into his zombie servants. And they made a toy out of that. Sheer genius. At least until you tried playing with it in your room on the carpet where the slime would become stuck and your Mom would then outlaw the stuff from that point on. But that’s a story for another time.

You can see the Evil Horde Slime Pit in all its advertising glory in the 1986 Masters of the Universe catalog from Mattel, which I just happen to have the full scans of. Just click that link to go check it out. You won’t be sorry!

4 thoughts on “Evil Horde Slime Pit Playset (1985)

  1. I remember wanting this, but it (and all its like) got a big, fat “NO” from my parents.

    They’d brag to their friends about how neat and tidy and organized I kept my toys and everything, but they apparently didn’t trust me enough to play with slime without getting it into the carpet.

    Apparently, unbeknownst to most at the time (myself included), Mattel had a policy where they would replace your carpet if their slime ruined it.

    1. Well hell, I never heard about the replacing your carpet thing. If that would have been wider known, more kids would have probably been able to get their hands on the stuff.

      1. My guess is that it was kept on the down-low so that maybe some “clumsy” parents wouldn’t “accidentally” spill cans of slime all over their worn carpets.

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