Taco Bell is Getting Rid of it’s Iconic Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell said on Thursday that it is eliminating one of its most iconic and long-time menu items from its list of options.

The Mexican Pizza will be removed from the Taco Bell menu starting November 5. Other items leaving the menu are the pico de gallo and shredded chicken. The shredded chicken is used in a number of items, including quesadillas, tacos and burritos.

Taco Bell said the changes to the menu is helping it in “creating a faster and more seamless restaurant experience.”

“We’re constantly evaluating ways to provide a more efficient restaurant experience, and have already begun to see progress from streamlining our menu,” said Mike Grams, Taco Bell President, Global COO. “While we know fans may be understandably sad to see some of their favorites go, this evolution of our menu truly paves the way for fresh new ideas. The creativity and innovation in our kitchen hasn’t slowed down at all, and we look forward to rolling out new fan favorites.”

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