eBay Archaeology: The A-Team Toys

We might not always realize it or think of it, but eBay is a wonderful place full of nostalgia.  I’d dare to say that just about anything from your childhood that you can remember, you can find there.  Just pick a toy, a book, a movie, or whatever else you can think of, and plug it into a search on eBay and you’ll be transported back in time.  It’s what I like to call eBay archeology.  Recently, I did this very thing when I got to thinking about some old A-Team toys I used to have. So for this retro ramblings, I’m sharing with you some of the things I came across.

A-Team Action Figure Set from Galoob
Man did I love these things!  I had all of these figures, but I actually had the action-adventure playset that came with all of the figures, plus a ton of accessories like tents, a boat, more guns, and much more than I can remember off the top of my head.  These figures weren’t as well crafted as Hasbro’s G.I. Joe figures, but they were the same size and the A-Team fit nicely as a special forces unit within the Joe ranks.  This unopened pack currently has a hefty price tag of $175.  If you’re so inclined, you can click the link under the picture to go straight to the listing.

A-Team Rescue Phone Set
Now I don’t remember these at all, but walkie-talkies, or “rescue phone set” in this case were made for most properties that had toys and other assorted merchandise.  All the toy companies had to do was take a cheap set of these things, slap the properties logo on it and they were all set with probably a hot-selling toy.

Mr. T Sicker Book and Coloring Books
Like the walkie-talkies, all reputable franchises had coloring and activity books in the ’80s.  I’m not sure if I had any of the ones pictured here or not, but I distinctly remember having a coloring book from the Mister T cartoon series.  Which it also appears to be where the Mr. T sticker book is from since it shows T in his cartoon form.  I may or may not have had that as well.

Rattler the Street Fighter Bad Guys Action Figure
This is from the larger series of figures that Galoob produced.  It’s weird that they produced two different sizes of figures.  Companies generally only focused on one line.  But besides the 3 3/4″ figures pictured at the top, I also had these larger ones.  At least Mr. T, Hannibal, and Murdoch.  I never got my hands on a Face figure.  Nor did I even see the “bad guys” figures like this back in the day.  But it makes sense.  Good guys have to have bad guys to fight and round out the fun.

A-Team Action Train Set
Holy crap!  I remember seeing this before, but is this the coolest thing or what?!?  A friggin’ train set emblazoned with the A-Team logo.  And look at that playmat that comes with this thing.  It’s beautiful.  Now it looks like this is in scale with those little green army men and not the actual action figures, but I can deal with that.  Throw in the die-cast cars they produced and they’d be pretty much in scale with this thing and really ramp up the fun to a whole other level.

Well, unfortunately, I found way more cool old A-Team stuff than I have time to write about.  But go check these items out and consider giving them a loving home.  And hit me up in the comments if you had any of these things or other cool A-Team stuff you had and we’ll chat a bit about them.

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  1. I used to be into the A- Team when I was younger, I never knew about some of these, me and my cousins had toys and coloring books of them, and 1 of them had the Walkie-talkies. As an adult now I’ve been rewatching the A- Team again on the Roku channel and I never noticed so much of the humor and genius going on in the episodes.

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