Nintendo Pro Wrestling

The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide to Pro Wrestling

I’ve detailed how Pro Wrestling was the game that got me hooked on Nintendo, and was the game that was purchased the night I got my Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s a game that still ranks in the top five favorite games I’ve ever played.

When my Nintendo was purchased, my dad bought a version that didn’t include a game. What it had instead was a copy of The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide. It was a book that laid out details, maps, and screenshots of most games that were available for the system at the time. It would have been really cool to get a game with the system, but the player’s guide wasn’t a bad substitute. I spent many hours of my life browsing through it’s pages drooling over tons of games that I wanted to play.

In this time capsule, I’m presenting the pages from the player’s guide that focused on Pro Wrestling. Looking at these pages again takes me back to a simpler time and place, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy them too.

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