Friday Five: New Year’s Eve Countdown’s

In this week’s Top 5, I’m bringing you five of the best New Year’s Eve Countdown shows from throughout the ’80s and ’90s.  I remember sitting up late all by myself in my bedroom watching these as they happened.  Somehow, I felt like I was a part of something even if I was all alone.  So if this year’s selection of countdown shows doesn’t do it for you, just pull up one of these old gems and watching it instead!

1990 Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

MTV Big Bang ’89 New Year’s Party

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G.I. Joe Mail-In Figure Offer Ad

Here is an old ad I came across recently for G.I. Joe mail-in figures and vehicles.  Some of the stalwarts of the toy line are featured in it, but the stand-out certainly has to be The Fridge figure.  The Fridge was based on William “The Refrigerator” Perry of the Chicago Bears NFL team, and at the time, was a much-wanted figure by kids everywhere.  I know I certainly wanted him, but my folks would never give me the scratch to order him.  I guess I should have taken some of my allowances and ordered him instead.  Stupid me.

Bazooka and Major Bludd were also cool figures, but not on the level of The Fridge.  The HISS tank was another one I always wanted.  I never had one as a kid, but finally picked one up off eBay in 2001.  It felt good to finally own one, even if my prime years of playing G.I. Joe was long past.  And the LCV Recon Sled looked cool and would have made a nice addition to the ongoing battles between the Joes and Cobra.

Did any of you have any of these cool figures or vehicles?  If so, I’m curious to know if you can remember if you mailed away to get them or not.

Wax Pack Flashback: Santa Around the World Cards from 1993

Here is the latest episode of the Wax Pack Flashback show I do for The Retro Network on YouTube.  It’s episode 7 in the series, and a special Christmas themed edition.  In this one, I open up a pack of Santa Around the World trading cards from 1993.  If you like the show, consider hitting the “Like” button on it, and subscribing to the TRN YouTube channel while you’re there.  And hey, if you’re feeling really helpful, give it a share on your social media channels.  It never hurts to spread the fun!

Friday Five: Christmas Presents Through the Years

I’m bringing back my old feature, Top 5.  It’s where I do a quick list of my five favorites from a variety of topics.  With the two big days of Christmas upon us, this time I’m ranking the Top 5 presents I received for Christmas through the years.  It’s too hard to put these in any kind of order of most favorite to least, so I’m listing them in the order of when I received them.  Feel free to leave your own top 5 in the comments at the bottom.

Castle Grayskull

I’ve got a feeling I got this in 1984, since it probably wouldn’t have been like my old man to buy it in 1983 when my fandom was just blossoming for all things He-Man.  He generally liked to wait until he was sure I was really into something before dropping a lot of dough on it.  But what kid out there who was lucky enough to get this for Christmas wouldn’t enjoy it?  I know I flipped for it.  I’ve got an old polaroid of me just after opening it, and I’m crying.  They had to be tears of joy.  But this was the highlight of my Christmas that year, and countless battles were fought around, in, and for Castle Grayskull in the following months and years.

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Vintage Christmas Ads

I love old advertising, and I especially love old Christmas ads, so let’s take a look at some Christmas ads from way back when.

This ad from Gambles department store perfectly showcases what was probably some of the standard toys for the day.  That Electra Mustang Airplane is pretty cool in the fact that it could actually fly, but it wasn’t quite as advanced as the radio-controlled versions that would come in later years.  You can see that it has a string keeping it attached to a base so it just flys in a circle.  But I would bet back then, that was still exciting enough to keep kids playing with it for a long time.  And the Variety Game Chest Kit would have given kids something to do for a LONG time after Christmas had come and gone.

The Ford Pinto was one of those cars that everyone laughed at in the ’80s, but I have no idea how people felt about it when it was first on the market.  Regardless, if you were getting a new car for Christmas, I’m sure you’d be ecstatic no matter what kind of vehicle it was.

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Wax Pack Flashback: WWF WrestleMania 3 Trading Cards

Here is the latest Wax Pack Flashback video I did for The Retro Network.  It features yours truly breaking open a pack of WWF cards featuring WrestleMania 3 from 1987.  I love old wrestling, and these cards really take me back.  Hopefully, you get some old nostalgic memories flowing from watching.

Wax Pack Flashback: Pro Set Football Cards From 1990

Check out the latest video in my Wax Pack Flashback series presented by The Retro Network.  In this episode, I open a pack of Pro Set Football cards from 1990.

I used to love football cards back in the day, and this pack really took me back.  You’ll see in the video, that the last card in this pack was one of my favorites from the whole set, and I was super lucky to find another one again all these years later.

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